Our clients view us as strategic thought partners who are there to help them understand, analyze and fix problems that are preventing them from achieving the results they desire.

A few of the situations where we’ve helped with innovative approaches include:

  • Leadership succession
  • Developing a high performance teams
  • Fixing systemic barriers to success
  • Learning how to do more with less
  • Company or team start up
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Developing internal procedures for hiring, staffing,
    developing talent
  • Diversity initiatives

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Strategic Visioning and Planning

We find that many of the organizations and individuals that we work with are so busy reacting to their competitive, fast paced work environments that they don’t have time to plan for the future. This puts them in a continually frustrating cycle of responding rather than creating. Add in a widely held belief that planning is a boring, mundane task, and it’s no wonder that strategic visioning and planning becomes something that is on their “to do” list that never gets done.

We facilitate a unique process developed by the Grove Consultants International that makes planning a powerful and enjoyable event. The approach combines traditional analytical planning with creative intuitive approaches to visioning. Synergy and buy-in are created by blending four proven change management technologies:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Visioning
  • Large Scale Process
  • Graphic Facilitation

Very large (8′ X 4′) graphic templates stimulate breakthroughs in the levels of involvement, buy in and productivity given to the process.  Not only is this process compelling for unifying organizations and teams to focus on their important challenges and goals, it is also an inspiring method for individuals to use to clarify important life decisions.

When the process is completed you will have a visually compelling recap of:

Your history and what has brought you to the present moment;

  • Your history and what has brought you to the present moment;
  • A review of competitive and other market forces that affect you;
  • Your strengths, problems, opportunities and threats;
  • Your vision of an ideal future (short and long term);
  • The bold steps you must take to accomplish your goals;
  • Short-term action steps and individual responsibilities.

“Effective facilitation is as much art as science.  Jan Hill’s mastery of the process of strategic visioning, combined with her extraordinary interpersonal skills, created an environment which enabled the strategic planning group at the Music Academy of the West to address a challenging task with focus, energy and optimism.”

– Howard Chase, Music Academy of the West

To me, Hill Enterprises is a strategic consultant and their broad and deep experience enables them to understand my issues quickly and easily. They have always been able to adapt their approach to meet our specific needs. They are a very professional team and I’ve enjoyed working with them tremendously.”

– Siew Hong Teo, Microsoft