From the CEO who is looking to change his life at 50, to international project teams consulting on software applications, Hill Enterprises coaches people to achieve superior results. We believe in the concept of choice, meaning that people can either choose to repeat their historic behaviors or they can embrace their future possibilities. Possibilities are so much more exciting!

Hill Enterprises will coach you to remove the barriers to success and to break the cycle of redundant behaviors that keep you and/or your organization from achieving peak performance.


Has life presented you with an overwhelming array of challenges and opportunities?

We can help you gain clarity and make the choices that are right for you right now.


Is it time to unlock your potential so you can achieve your dreams?

With our coaching, you’re the kite and we’re the string.  We help you follow your passion while maintaining your security.



How do you get more life IN your life?

Our approach helps you integrate your work with your life.  You become the architect of your own life story. Sometimes you just need to give yourself permission.



Do others follow when you take a bold leap forward?

We help you clarify your leadership “brand” so that you can articulate who you are, what you stand for, and where you’re going in a way that motivates others to come along.



Is your team working?

We have a proven roadmap for helping teams achieve high performance.  With our coaching, everyone learns to carry their own weight, value what others bring, stay focused on results..and have fun!

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Elliot