Jan-C-Hill“Jan is a gift – smart, passionate, discerning, focused and possessing a great heart!”

– Pam McLean, CEO of
The Hudson Institute
of Santa Barbara


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Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Course Designer

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Smart Women, Smart MovesJan is the co-author of Smart Women, Smart Moves and is engaged in the arduous process of writing her next book about major life transitions.

Smart Women, Smart Moves now in paperback! Contact hei@hillenterprises.com to buy the book.

Co-authored by Jan Hill with Dr. Vanessa Weaver, this book takes a provocative look at how women can gain control of their careers-and get the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Many women feel strongly committed to the company they work for, putting in long hours and enormous effort. But many don’t get recognized or rewarded for their work. So what’s a smart woman to do?

Smart Women, Smart Moves presents a provocative model that takes the five types of relationships a woman has in her personal life and applies them to her work life. Understanding whether she is just “dating”-or is “girlfriend,” “mistress,” “fiancee,” or “spouse” to her company-will help her assess how much her company is committed to her. Weaver and Hill offer readers advice on how to:

  • identify which stage of the work relationship they are in
  • view this relationship from their company’s perspective
  • explore their personal values, beliefs, and principles
  • decide whether to stay where they are-or move on

The book also includes women’s real-life success stories, self-assessment tools, and relationship-building exercises.

Weaver and Hill know whereof they speak. Veterans of a Fortune 20 company, each found her niche-and greater reward. Smart Women, Smart Moves enables any woman to do the same.